Mike began dancing in 1992 when he found dance partners who liked to be tossed in the air. He started teaching regular dance classes in 1994. He owes a big debt to the world’s best coaches in swing, ballroom, country and Latin dancing.

Mike prefers to perform where he can showcase his leading, following, and improvisational skills. These and musicality are his focus.

Mike continues to perform and teach. He judges at just about every event, and is the Chief Judge for several swing events and country events. When he’s not judging or performing, he’s the MC.

Though he loves to teach and has dance students all over the world, Mike values social dancing the most. With an inability to say no, he tries to ensure that everyone gets a chance to dance with him before he passes out. Mike runs a local club in Austin, Texas, called Austin City Dance Club, and DJs a weekly swing dance.